I purchased a Dodge Dakota from a dealership in Coconut Thanks again. Nicole and Todd !!!!! Sincerely, Mike Kennedy.
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Truthful Transport Inc. Location: 510 Lavers Circle Suite 166 Delray Beach, FL 33444 http://www.truthfultransport.com/ Ship Vehicles to all 50-states. Local Phone Number: (561) 288-5261 Toll Free Number: (855) 744-7878 Poster: Jared Gardner Date:            6/14/2011 Reviewed: Truthful Transport Inc.  Subject: Positive Experience Review: My experience with Truthful Transport was extremely positive. It is a small office and they were always available when I had any questions about the transport. It was nice to feel comfortable knowing someone in the office who I could contact if any problems came up with the transporter. Todd and Nicole both served that role, although fortunately no problems came up. The ended up assigning my car to PK Line. I was nervous after having read a few reviews online, but my experience with them was excellent too. The pickup was arranged at 6pm and the truck rolled up at 6pm on the dot. Delivery was even earlier than expected, and they had a small transport truck that brought the car right to my door. The only negative comment I could make would be that I ended up having to pay slightly more for the transport than was originally quoted. The contract did mention the possibility of a gas surcharge, and I expected to have to pay a bit for it as prices ran up in the summer, but it would have been better if they had made it clearer on the quote that I might end up having to pay a little more. Nevertheless, I still ended up paying less than any of the other many quotes I solicited. I wanted to mention this, but chose not to dock a star because of the fact that I still paid less than anywhere else was offering. I would recommend Truthful Transport and would also use the company again myself. More Reviews Review details   Quote or Order ID: 1134 Quote or Order Cost: $1600 Origin: Tennesee Pickup: Late Total Time from first available date the vehicle was picked up: 1 day(s) Destination: California Delivery: Early Total Time from pickup to delivery of vehicle: 5 day(s) Truck/Carrier Type: Open Vehicle Dirty:   No Items Stolen:    No Vehicle Damaged: No Honesty: Knowlegeable: Hold Times/Promptness: Overall Customer Service: Primary Contact: Nicole Secondary Contact:    Todd
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